Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paper Necklace

Here's what we'll be making-

Here's what you'll need- Below you will see a picture of the supplies I used. I printed off some papers I liked from Emily and Kathryn's Metamorphosis kit but you can do this with scraps too!

Next cut the papers into strips. I cut these the length of the paper which really adds bulk and strength to the "paper bead."

And I'm not a quiller so I utilized the end of a paint brush to wrap the paper around. Wrap it fairly tight and a touch of glue at the end will hold it in place.

This next step would be optional. I coated the "paper beads" with a glass finish to help protect them and give them a little shine.

If you do this step, make sure to let them dry completely before handling so you do not smudge the finish.

And to finish, string them on the leather cord and add your ends.

I hope you enjoy this project. It is one that is great to do with the kiddos too!

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