Monday, November 10, 2008

Candle Sleeves

This is an easy way to make your candle match your home decor or the theme of a party you may be having. For this candle sleeve, I used two patterned papers, a sewing machine (optional), glue stick, and ribbon.

Here's an example of a project I did this summer.

1. First I sliced my patterned paper in half lengthwise. To ensure I had enough material to go around the candle I glued the paper end to end, giving me a long stip of each. And - I trimmed the top layer to make it a little more narrow than the first before extending it. At this point you have two long extended strips of patterned paper.

2. With the narrow paper on top of the other, I then ran it through my sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. (This step is optional.) If you don’t sew, grab a zig pen and add a doodle or and ink pad and ink the edges. Have fun!

3. And to finish it all up, I wrapped the sleeve around the candle and dabbed a little glue on the edges where the paper overlaps. Trim if needed and finish off with a coordinating ribbon.

This is a technique anyone can do. So as you start digging out the candles again, keep this project in mind.

I would love to see what you design! Feel free to link me up to your project! :)

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